15 January 2010

FX Queues plugin and jQuery 1.4

So jQuery1.4 has been finally released and, though I haven't been able to test the FX Queues plugin yet with it, I already got some feedback mentioning it's not working.

During the next couple of days I will be releasing a new version compatible with jQuery 1.4 - It will be a good way to get back to some Javascript hacking after many months with just Ruby in my head :)

Stay tuned!


So it just took me an hour to do the update to 1.4 -- seems like jQuery.queue() is behaving a little different.

Since the plugins site for 1.4 is still to be released, for now you can grab the code from GitHub: http://github.com/lucianopanaro/jQuery-FxQueues/tree/jQuery1.4

15 February 2009

FxQueues update: now compatible with jQuery 1.3.1

For all FxQueues plugin users, I just pushed a new version (2.0.3) that is only compatible with jQuery 1.3.x, since many tests and the main example under 2.0.2 weren't working with jQuery's latest version.

So if you are using jQuery 1.3.1, you should be using FxQueues 2.0.3, otherwise you can stick to 2.0.2, as only internal changes have been done and there are no new features.

13 March 2008

New skin, new (old) plugin

When I launched this blog a few months ago I promised myself I would post at least weekly. Well, it is pretty obvious that I haven't. Even more, I was just able to do a few posts commenting on some news I found interesting.

So the inmediate question that comes up is simply "why?" . Well, there are many reasons why:

  • Study comes first.
  • Work comes second (well, it comes first sometimes).
  • I couldn't find time to write (a sort of corollary of the first two) anything I liked.
  • I hated the template I had.

From these bullets, there is one that can be (sort of) easily fixed. Creating a new appealing template that would make me want to post every week can't be that hard, right? Well, it is, especially if you are a designer-wannabe. It took me a long time to come up with a template that I liked, but I am pretty glad with the result.

In the meantime, I came across a plugin from John Resig with similar functionality. Since it's core implementation was far better than mine, I updated the jQuery FxQueues Plugin to a 2.0 version, by merging John's and my code (I also created a new example page and some unit tests).

So now that I have a template that I like there is one thing less preventing me from writing new posts. I have a few ideas for some posts and hopefully you will be able to read them soon.

Hope you like this new template as I do!

18 November 2007

New jQuery queueing plugin

I'm beginning this blog with a jquery plugin I had to develop a few weeks ago for a project I'm working on.

Even though jQuery is a great javascript library, its latest version brings a queue control, it doesn't work for different elements. That is, if you had something like

$("#myDiv").animate({fontSize: "30px"}).animate({marginLeft: "40px"})

it would queue the animations. But what if you wanted to be able to queue different elements (just like Scriptaculous allows)? Well, that's the reason why I developed the jQuery Fx Queues plugin. So go ahead and check it out, and feel free to send me your comments or any bugs you find.